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Welcome to the Ultimate Voluntary Organisation, based in Kwahu-Tafo, rural Ghana. Our projects include a school, football academy and cultural centre and we invite YOU, to visit and volunteer your skills with us. We are making a real difference to the children of our community, accommodating and feeding 40 and and providing eduation (or funding this) for more than 100.


Our project is small and still very grassroots but do not let this put you off. The project is great fun, especially for those interested in sport or elements of music, dance and other arts... The children have a thirst for learning and great enthusiasm for their after school activities. Our directors, Christian and Eric are very hospitable and humble and will help your visit become truly memorable and rewarding.


We have gained a regular flow of volunteers who are helping to maintain the project - giving it a degree of sustainability through their kind donations. It is upto volunteers where they would like to help depending on their particular skills and interests. There are extensive details about life in Ghana and specifically with us in the volunteer handbook. More directly, for details on fees and applications or to browse photos see the appropriate link. Medase Pa - Thank you...