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The projects in Tafo have been running for over five years but had a re-birth in January 2008 when the organisation underwent significant changes. The project was registered officially in Ghana as the Ultimate Voluntary Organisation (UVO), we opened our own school and began the construction of our website. Most significantly of all, Christian and Eric became the official directors. Christian and Eric both still hold down their own jobs teaching in the local schools yet give their spare time to UVO as volunteers themselves. International volunteers live in a compound with Christian, his wife Patience and their two young children Seth and Ama. Eric stays closer to the hostel where he can supervise the 40 children that reside here.

Other local staff include Kofi and George - the football coaches, two local helpers for the school (to maintain stability).

UVO is seriously thriving since these changes, the school growing to 20 children (aged 9 - 12) with more set to start this September, and continued excellence within our football and cultural academies. You are likely to divide your time between these areas and in turn get to know the village and the people very well.